We control the naming of streets and the naming and numbering of properties within Monmouthshire under Sections 17-19 of The Public Health Act 1925. We have a statutory responsibility to ensure that any new or amended street and property names and/or numbers are allocated logically and in a consistent manner.

Royal Mail has no statutory power to name a street, name or number a property or rename or renumber a property; however, it does have the sole duty of issuing or amending postcodes once the address details have been confirmed by the council.

Regulating the addressing of properties within the county ensures that consistency and accuracy is maintained and helps with service delivery and most importantly ensures emergency services can locate the address. Addressing properties for locating purposes becomes increasingly important within a rural county like Monmouthshire where a lot of roads do not have official street names.

Do you need Street Naming and Numbering?

The Street Naming and Numbering service is required if:

  • You have built a new property
  • You have converted a property like a barn into a dwelling, or a single property into flats.
  • You wish to rename your property
  • You wish to add a named to an existing numbered property
  • You have built a new development of more than one dwelling. This may include naming any roads within the development
  • You wish to amend layout of new developments that have already gone through the naming & numbering process.
  • Residents wish to rename and existing street
  • You require confirmation of an address

Charges for the above services came into effect on the 1st April 2016.

It is strongly advised that any Street Naming & Numbering applications made for new properties are submitted as early as possible in the development process. This will prevent any delay in obtaining services for the properties.

All addresses will be consulted on with our Land and Property Gazetteer Team for comments on the address and in particular the suitability of the suggested name and/or number for the property. The suggested name must not have too much similarity with other addresses within the county to avoid confusion between them which would impede on delivery and the emergency services – the more unique the name the better.

All suggested road names for a development will be passed for consultation to our Land Property Gazetteer Team, County Councillors and Community/ Town Councils for that area and Royal Mail for comments on their suitability. The Town/Community Councils will have the final say on any new road names providing those names meet the criteria set out in Monmouthshire County Council’s Street Naming & Numbering Policy & Guidance Notes.

As a County, Monmouthshire has a significant historical background and therefore to ensure preservation of this heritage, preference will be given to naming schemes with historical or local context.

For an in depth guidance on the Street Naming & Numbering Service provided by Monmouthshire County Council please refer to the Street Naming & Numbering Policy & Guidance Notes and it’s Appendices. We urge all Individuals, Developers and Organisations wishing to use our Street Naming & Numbering Service to read the Policy & Guidance notes to ensure their application is correct as this will mean the timescale for the process is kept to a minimal. Any application or request that does not adhere to the Policy will not be accepted and processed.

If you wish to address or re-address a property/properties please complete an application form and send it to highways@monmouthshire.gov.uk

Reporting a damaged street nameplate

If you would like to report a street nameplate as damaged and in need of replacement, please complete street nameplate reporting form and send it to highways@monmouthshire.gov.uk